October 24, 2019

Special report from Boston Boosters from Digital Summit Boston 2019

Key takeaways from Digital Summit in Boston. Tap into culture, How to sell influencer strategies for B2B. And Seth Godin explains the difference between B2B and B2C marketing.

Special report from Boston Boosters from Digital Summit Boston 2019

Key takeaways from Digital Summit held in Boston on October 21st to 22nd.

Meredith Jacobson from Boston Boosters attended and had this to say:

Tap into culture

Summit kicked off with an engaging keynote from Beverly Jackson,  VP Social Portfolio Strategy of MGM Resorts International. She discussed big content partnership program wins with Thrillist and Game of Thrones.  

Key takeaway is that by tapping into the right cultural insight & authentic partners, innovative and cool partnerships dominate when it comes to generating earned media. Many people came out of the session wondering how they can do meaningful partnerships for less sexy brands with smaller budgets.

How B2B can Sell Influencer Strategies to Stakeholders

Ursula Ringham, Head of Global Influencer Marketing at SAP provided a great overview of how B2B can and should develop and sell-in influencer strategies to their stakeholders.

She recommends a few keys for success, such as building long term partnerships with influencers rather than one-offs, empowering them rather than trying to control them, and testing a variety of content types to find the mix that resonates. She called out an ongoing partnership their team has with Tamara McCleary.

Seth Godin and Authenticity

Finally, author Seth Godin made a great point when an audience member challenged the notion of authenticity in advertising. He agreed, saying authenticity isn’t the quality that brands should strive for, but consistency is.

He used the example of Nike, saying that their brand identity is so consistent, they could create anything, and customers would have a good idea of what to expect. He said, "If Nike announced that they were opening a hotel, you’d have a pretty good guess about what it would be like. But if Hyatt announced that they were going to start making shoes, you would have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what those shoes would be like. That’s because Nike owns a brand and Hyatt simply owns real estate.”

Difference between B2C marketing and B2B marketing

Godin also pointed out that the difference between B2C marketing and B2B marketing is in B2C, you are convincing a person to spend their own money, while in B2B you are convincing them to spend someone else’s money. When pitching a B2B company, he suggested that all marketers are thinking the same thing when reviewing a new B2B solution, which is, “what will I tell my boss?” Vendors can find success by making that answer clear and straightforward.

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