July 5, 2020

Influence Weekly #135 July 3rd, 2020

The Influencer Marketing Code of Practice is released. Meet The American Influencer Council Diversity Marketing Consortium Launches

Influence Weekly #135
July 3rd, 2020

Great Reads


The Influencer Marketing Code of Practice

The Code is relevant for anyone working in the Australian influencer marketing sector including talent, reps, agencies, and marketers.
The Influencer Marketing Code of Practice is AIMCO’s first major initiative since conception in 2019. The code created with input from 50 companies including founding member companies that represent all sides of the influencer marketplace.


Influencer Community Management From Tribe Dynamics

This report includes topics such as:

  • How to understand influencer community health using three new metrics: retention, fit, and streak.
  • Best practices for building a healthy influencer community to achieve sustained, long-term EMV growth. Influence Weekly Exclusive

How Ashley Renne Went from a 1 Person Team to 5 Figure Deals

Meet Ashley Renne: Eco traveler, vegan, and smart tech blogger.  She's most recently worked with Home Depot. Her first course, Rebrand and Reinvent Yourself, teaches bloggers, influencers, and content creators how to reinvent themselves into the influential and impactful brand they want to be perceived as.

Campaign Insights

NYX Butter Gloss Pop x Movers Shakers on Tik Tok

For their second TikTok challenge, NYX Professional Makeup wanted to beat their very successful first campaign. They brought in Movers+Shakers to develop the music that would get all of TikTok dancing with Butter Gloss lip gloss. The lyrics invite TikTokers to “pop your gloss” — and they responded in huge numbers.  11 Billion Views.

Smile Train x Amanda Cerny

Smile Train, the world's largest cleft organization, is recognizing National Cleft Awareness Month in July to raise awareness for the thousands of children worldwide who are born with a cleft and other craniofacial conditions. The month will kick-off with Smile Train's #24HourRun4Smiles fitness fundraiser, in partnership with actress and health and wellness influencer, Amanda Cerny.

Interesting People

Meet The Meme Makers

Memes are a coping mechanism. “Laughter balances out the absolute weight of the situation,” says Nadia. Still, grappling with traumatic events while trying to make your audience laugh is a difficult balance to strike, and finding the right tone is complicated.

Black Plant-fluencers

Includes people from all over the states. Plant-fluencers live everywhere: San Fran, D.C., Bama and more. Atlanta plant dealer Ryann Bradford runs Bradford Botanical & Co.,and consults for movie and music video sets. Starsha runs pop-up plant sales and workshops around Washington, D.C.

American Influencer Council Launches

The AIC’s Board of Directors consists of Founding Chairwoman Chriselle Lim, Vice President Aliza Licht, and Vice President Brittany Xavier. Founding Members are Rocky Barnes, Danielle Bernstein, Blair Breitenstein, Serena Goh, Kat Irlin, Patrick Janelle, Nicolette Mason, Karl Pierre, and Chrissy Rutherford.

Note if above link doesn't work go to: americaninfluencercouncil.com

Industry News

Influencer Pay Gap

The account's founder Adesuwa Ajayi found that many black influencers "are approached on a gifting basis no matter their reach or influence and often have to go over and beyond to justify fair treatment."
Editor's Note: Hopefully this kind of account can lead more people to willingly and respectfully discuss pay rates.

Diversity Marketing Consortium Launches

This consortium includes 3 agencies, plus influencer agency Social Studies along with Harlem Capital. The group commits to providing $1.5 million in marketing services to women and minority-led startups over the course of two years.

Influencer and Social Media Day Roundup from Talking Influence

Highlight: Takumi’s Group CEO Mary Keane-Dawson presented her incredibly creative poem titled ‘Creators in the Time of Coronavirus’ during her session that explained why TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z and is not going anywhere. Read the poem in full here.