March 25, 2020

Creators, You Can Help In Your Own Way

Creators, You Can Help In Your Own Way

This week may seem harrowing. It may seem like we are out of control. But help is on the way. Creators and Influencers aren't just passing on information. They are actively working towards the common goal.

Each of us can do one thing to help Eradicate Covid-19. Treat those that are Ill. Stay At Home. or whatever it is you can do to take action and help.

While Dr. Mike isn't actively in hospitals working with patients. He took time to pay for and locate masks for hospital workers.

Dr. Mike is On the Case

Cosplayers in Washington are sewing masks and donating supplies to local hospitals.

Cosplayers Can Make Masks

"If you need an army of sewers and crafters, you could not ask for a more handy crowd than cosplayers. And with a healthy comicon community, Washington is full of them."

We all need a little light in our life, The Try Guys keep up the comedy at home: Try Guys Try to work from Home:

Life of Jord, a travel vlogger, is stuck at home in UK.  He's made it a challenge to film your own lockdown vlog and he'll edit it together. Sharing this experience and imploring others to join is immensely helpful both physically and mentally.

Jord is staying at home

Peter Hollens has put wash your hands into a ton of pop songs:

I am actively looking for creators who are working currently on COVID help in any unique ways: Organization or making videos to help, or even donating supplies, making supplies, etc.

If you have more examples of creators and influencers helping in their own unique way. Please reach out and I'm happy to keep posting more examples each week. Email me at