June 19, 2020

Influence Weekly #133 June 19th, 2020

75% of U.S. Ages 13 to 34 use Snap. TikTok downloads present an FTC compliance challenge. Biden Harnesses Influencer Star Power

Influence Weekly #133
June 19th, 2020

Executive Summary

  • 75% of U.S. Ages 13 to 34 use Snap.
  • TikTok downloads present an FTC compliance challenge.
  • Biden Harnesses Influencer Star Power

Great Reads


Snapchat Usage Metrics

Snap reaches more 13-34 year old’s in the US than Facebook or Instagram, and the 100 million users it reaches in the US is more than Twitter and TikTok combined.

125 million people got news from Snapchat within the past year, and “hundreds of millions” now watch Snapchat Discover.

Snap Originals are now watched by over half of all Gen Z in the US.

Snap announced that 20 Snap Kit apps are now in the Top 100 of the iOS and Google Play Stores, up from 15 in March.

TikTok’s Format Offers A Loophole For Branded Content Disclosures

it’s possible that a majority of the TikTok videos being shared across other social media platforms are completely devoid of any clear signifier that they’re paid promotions. It puts both the influencer and the brand at risk for landing themselves in legal and financial risk with the FTC.

Direct Response Agency | Influencer & Podcast Marketing | Eliminate the Guesswork  

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Campaign Insights

The Gas Industry x PR firms Bellomy and Porter Novelli

With its $300,000 budget from the American Public Gas Association, the PR firm Porter Novelli promises “snackable” content geared towards desirable millennial target audiences, “hispanic millennials”, “design enthusiasts”, “promising families”, and “young city solos.”

Instagram campaigns are just the latest twist in a 90-year-old advertising campaign. In the 1930s, groups like the American Gas Association needed to stave off competition from wood and electric stoves.

Biden Harnesses Influencer Star Power

Biden has participated in several Instagram Live interviews with influencers and celebrities, including actress and talk show host Keke Palmer, Jerry Harris of Netflix's docuseries "Cheer," Youtuber Bethany Mota and dancer Allison Holker.

Your Campaign Will Never Go Viral - Webinar

Green Buzz Agency hosts this webinar on June 24th. Joe Wadlington, Global Creative Lead at Twitter will break down successful viral campaigns from the Internet Hall of Fame as well as some fresher examples you can use as inspiration for your strategy.

Interesting People

YouTube Power Hour Looking For Guests

Erika Vieira is now looking for guests for the upcoming season of the YouTube Power Hour! The podcast shares the stories of women and their journeys through YouTube.

She wants to feature MORE black women YouTube creators, share their stories, and amplify their voices.

Request your favorite black female YouTube Creators, or simply send an email to podcast@erikavieira.net

Tribe Dynamic's Earned | Episode 5: In Conversation With Glow Recipe’s Sarah Lee

The brand began as a Korean skincare curation business, before introducing its own line of highly Instagrammable fruit-powered products in 2017.

The two founders discuss their meeting at L'Oreal Korea, how they built a community of skincare enthusiasts and finally, how early investment in the influencer space helped them build genuine and supportive influencer relationships.

5 Hong Kong Athletes Turned Influencers

Hong Kong’s young sportsmen and women are expanding their stardom beyond the arenas. Some of them are using their charisma and gaining strong fan followings online. STYLE takes a look at the city’s top five athletes turned digital influencers.

Meet The Co-founders of Social Giveaways

London Summers, Ryan Pownall & Justin Strong are the co-founders of Social Giveaways.. The team manages global celebrity and fashion marketing campaigns by offering exclusive opportunities to influencers and brands.

Social Giveaways grossed over a quarter million in its first 6 weeks of operation. The people buying giveaway sponsor slots are typically higher net worth individuals, doctors, plastic surgeons, brands and businesses.

Industry News

Travel Mindset Partners With BLACK GIRL DIGITAL, INC.

Travel Mindset Partners With BLACK GIRL DIGITAL, INC. for Equal Representation of Black and POC Voices in Influencer Marketing. They will be dedicated to making sure Black voices and POC are not only highlighted but that marketing and content are developed with their interests in mind.

YouTube’s FameBit rebrands as YouTube BrandConnect

The new branded product will remain open to eligible creators in the U.S. with over 25,000 subscribers. YouTube BrandConnect will only focus on the full-service side of its offering, where a team of experts proactively matches creators with brands and provides end-to-end campaign management and delivery.

5 YouTube Monetization Services

Jim Louderback and VidIQ host Liron talk monetization off of YouTube: Spotter.la, Jellysmack, Play.works, One Day Entertainment.

Editor's Note: For far more companies helping online creators monetize check out Influence.co's list: CreatorScape 2020

IZEA Announces Shake

With Shake, creators are the ones who offer their specific creative services to marketers at a fixed price with defined deliverables.

The premise of Shake flips our existing marketplace model from a private platform, utilized primarily by large agencies and brands, to a public platform where marketers of all sizes can engage them for creative services of all types.

Editors Note: In Southeast Asia, GetCraft is doing something similar to enable creators to work with brands.

Studio_Creator is a Tik Tok Studio In A Box


TikTok Stars Ash & Em of We Wear Cute are teaming up with Canal Toys for the launch of the new Studio_Creator Video Maker Kit. Includes a tripod, green screen and ring light.