June 26, 2020

Influence Weekly #134 June 26th, 2020

Influence Weekly #134
June 26th, 2020


Rise of Nano Influencers Report

Influencer Intelligence surveyed 359 marketing specialists in January 2020. Respondents included in-house brand marketers, agencies and consultants.

78% of respondents who do not work with nano influencers yet, believe they will soon
Quality of content is the most important metric, for 68% of respondents

Long-term partnerships with a group of nano influencers are preferable to working with just one.

But buried, deep in the report's appendix, were these two questions that I thought showed an amazing part of the Influencer marketing industry.  How much of your budget do you spend on IM and How many influencers do you work with?


IZEA's Coming for Podcorn. Will Spotify Dominate Everyone?

IZEA Invites Podcasters to Join Shake™. Shake will be made available to podcasters of all sizes. IZEA will curate all submissions made to the Shake marketplace to ensure high quality listings.

The oft cited metric of $1B revenue in the podcast industry seems to be low now. Companies like IZEA jumping into the market with existing marketing partners looking for ways to spend money to get audience. This signals far more potential than $1B total in the podcast space.

As far as the research says, Podcasting is the least monetized per minute medium.
Spotify has made a half a billion dollar play at podcasts. It will definitely need to turn up the monetization soon and quickly.

Chart from mid 2019. There will be an interesting new trendline come end of 2020.


Tik Tok Diversity Progress Report

TikTok Invited Black creators to share their concerns and experiences in a Town Hall with CEO, US General Manager, and Director of Creator Community.

Introducing the Creator Diversity Collective. Inaugural members of the Collective will first gather in early July and will meet regularly with TikTok employees to share the perspectives of the creator community.

Mutale Nkonde has joined TikTok's Content Advisory Council.  Mutale Nkonde is  a Fellow at Berkman Klein at Harvard and Fellow at Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford

TikTok looks to become a platform that amplifies Black voices, as an ongoing part of the fabric of TikTok.



Amazon Prime Video x Creator Lab

Amazon Prime Video partnered with Creator Lab, a division of Digital Media Management, to drive the premiere of original series, Upload. 66 influencers were involved in the campaign.

The campaign resulted in 456 pieces of branded content (343 paid, 113 added value/earned), over 4.87M video views, 12.26M impressions, 2.26M engagements and an impressive overall engagement rate of 18.34%.

On Tik Tok alone: The three top-tier, 11 mid-tier and five TikTok influencers posted 206 pieces of content across Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube, resulting in 9.9M impressions, 1.9M engagements and an impressive overall engagement rate of 19.3%.

Man City x FaZe Clan Fashion Collaboration

“Manchester City’s partnership with FaZe Clan has strengthened our extensive esports offering and allowed us to further explore how fans are experiencing football beyond the pitch," said Nuria Tarre, chief marketing officer at City Football Group.

Interesting People

Cameo CEO: Steven Galanis Claims 'All Celebrities Are Gig Economy Workers'

To date, Cameo has sold over 1 million videos, with a peak of 69,000 in the week before this year's Mother's Day. The company currently has 130 employees – 80 in Chicago, 40 in L.A., 10 distributed elsewhere – and expects to generate $100 million in bookings in 2020.

Analyzing Ali Abdaal’s Creative Empire

Brandon Zhang analyzes this Doctor/Youtuber's financial video. Showcasing that 20% of his income comes from affiliate partnerships.

Ali is a Cambridge University graduate and junior doctor working in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS).

Ali has five different streams of passive income that together generate more than three times his income as a junior doctor in the NHS.


What Actually Works On TikTok?
Learn From Leading Brands on Jul 3

Produced in partnership with Conviva, the official TikTok measurement partner for Social Fresh X.
Panelists include:

  • Nathan Allebach, Steak-umm
  • Alex Ptachick, USA Today
  • Dave Jorgenson, Washington Post
  • Kimberly Price, Merkley + Partners
  • Nick Cicero, Conviva

Mixer Shuts Down

Creators on Mixer will have one month to save all of their VODs and pre-existing content before the site closes down completely. Current Mixer Partners will be granted immediate Partner status on Facebook Gaming should they choose to move over to the platform.

China Live Streaming Booms

After the lockdown ended in Wuhan, the pandemic’s ground zero, government officials used livestreaming to showcase their favorite local products. CEOs of major companies such as NetEase and Ctrip appeared on streams to sell smartphones, travel packages, and home appliances; IDC China’s Pan explains that using company CEOs adds more credibility to sales pitches.

Twitch Spon Con Engagement +62% Since March

Since COVID-19 stay-at-home measures, viewership on Twitch doubled.

  • Sponsored content engagement has increased 62% since March.
  • Total content consumption is significantly higher than it was during the same months in 2019.
  • The number of games sponsoring content on Twitch has increased 35% since February and the number of sponsored streams increased by 70%.